Court of Appeal refuses an application for an extension of time to appeal a High Court decision that granted possession of a property to the charge holder, where the original High Court judgment, which was unopposed due to the defendants' non-appearance, included a six-month stay on execution, and the appellant sought to challenge the judgment on grounds of alleged objective bias by the presiding judge, who had historical professional connections to a firm representing the charge holder, the Court finding no arguable grounds for bias and noting the appellant's failure to provide a credible explanation for the delay in filing the appeal.
Court of Appeal affirms the High Court's decision that legislation does not permit the provision of legal aid to corporate entities, on the grounds that the relevant statute's language, structure and context of its provisions clearly indicate an intention to provide civil legal aid exclusively to natural persons; and the applicant's argument based on the Aarhus Convention did not demonstrate that the proceedings were "prohibitively expensive," and thus did not necessitate a different interpretation of the statute.
High Court dismisses a claim for compensation by a landowner who alleged that his property was wrongfully designated as a candidate special area of conservation, resulting in deprivation of use and benefits, on the grounds that the plaintiff lacked locus standi as he was not the owner at the time of designation, and that any potential claim was statute-barred; and the plaintiff's case was misconceived, as the notifications received did not affect his property rights or create a new cause of action.