High Court, in proceedings in which the appellant successfully appealed a decision of the Labour Court, awards the appellant his costs, on the basis that he was entirely successful, and none of the relevant factors as to why costs should not follow the event have been established.
High Court: (a)  refuses to grant an interim suspension order in respect of a medical practitioner who had been accused of rape and sexual assault, on the grounds that the order would have serious financial implications for the practitioner and his family, and that there was insufficient information about the progress of the Garda investigation, and notwithstanding certain untruths told by the practitioner earlier in the proceedings; but (b) puts in place a number of conditions and undertakings for the practitioner to abide by pending the full hearing, for the protection of the public, including that he be 'chaperoned' while examining female patients.
Court of Appeal dismisses an order of certiorari granted in the High Court quashing the decision of the Garda Commissioner to invoke statutory provisions in respect of the applicant’s conduct where such conduct had already been the subject of a determination and sanction by the Commissioner and, on appeal, by the Appeal Board pursuant to Garda Síochána disciplinary Regulations, the court finding that the Commissioner had no lawful basis for invoking the statutory process.      

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