Leave to bring judicial review refused where prisoner’s right to bodily integrity is being respected

By: Katie Mai McCarthy BL

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High Court refuses an application by a prisoner for leave to apply for judicial review, on the grounds that the applicant, who sought to challenge a denial to administer him specific pain medication, is being provided with healthcare services equal to those entitled to general medical services in the community, and his right to bodily integrity is being respected.

Judicial review - access to medication - denial of access to specific medication whilst detained - pain management - question of whether decision to deny was appropriate and lawful - prisoner's medical history - availability of alternative pain management options - lawful for the prison authorities to have regard to the addictive nature of the medication - applicant has previous dependance on opioids as well as poly substance abuse - steps have been taken to provide alternative medication - applicant refusing to take alternative medication on occasion - reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that the applicant is referred to relevant specialists - provided with adequate healthcare - right to bodily integrity is being respected - application refused

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