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The Windsor Framework: A New Post-Brexit Agreement Governing the EU-UK Relationship

Since the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the new relationship that has emerged has been a rocky one. Nonetheless, the EU and the UK have managed to conclude a number of agreements to govern the post-exit relationship with the Withdrawal Agreement (which includes the controversial Northern

Memorable Opening and Closing Paragraphs of Irish judgments: Part 1

Introduction Written judgments are widely perceived to be boring, inaccessible and difficult to understand. If one was to hazard a guess, such a presumption originates from the fact that they are filled with all types of legalese and jargon, which are inherently tough to understand to those who don’t study

Dr Neil Maddox discusses compulsory vaccination on The Fifth Court podcast

In the new episode of The Fifth Court, Dr Neil Maddox BL of Maynooth University discusses compulsory vaccination, and the extent to which people can refuse any medical treatment. Neil recommends the film, A Civil Action (1998) starring John Travolta, and the book Law in a Time of Crisis by Jonathan

Early case law available online

Many in the legal profession have benefited from the Free Access to Law Movement without necessarily being aware that there was a Free Access to Law Movement. Like running water, or street lighting, the free availability of statutes and judgments online is now taken for granted, without much thought for