Court of Appeal dismisses appeal from High Court, and affirms order under proceeds of crime legislation restraining the respondents from disposing of or dealing with a certain residential property, on the grounds that: (a) although some investigations in 2007-08 touched on one of the respondents, he was not central to those investigations, and there was no delay; (b) no statutory limitation period applied to proceeds of crime applications; and (c) the respondents could not point to any prejudice arising from any alleged delay in the case.
Court of Appeal dismisses appeal of a decision of the High Court to refuse the applicant leave to seek judicial review relating to relate to two sets of proceedings, the being criminal proceedings in which the appellant is being prosecuted for assault, and the second being enforcement proceedings in the District Court arising out of a determination order of the Residential Tenancies Board, on the grounds that: the trial judge was quite correct in her comments about the form of the proceedings as they stood at the time of the application before her, and with regard to the substance of the applicant's complaints, she was clearly completely aware of those and took them into account in her judgment; and the trial judge did not exceed the legitimate exercise of her discretion in coming to the view that an appeal was a more suitable alternative remedy.  

High Court, in proceedings in which a bank seeks an order for possession of property as against the executrix of the estate of a deceased, determines that: the claim is not statute barred in circumstances where the whole purpose of the loan facility was that the principal monies would not become payable until the death of the mortgagor; the bank is entitled to possession because the life loan has not been repaid; but there is at least an arguable case that the defence of the statute of limitations arises in regard to the interest claimed, which should go to plenary hearing.

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