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Standard Search

There are a number of search options available on Decisis (all accessible from the top of each page):

All search fields will work in combination with each other with the operator "AND" such that only judgments matching all criteria will be shown.

a) Search by key words, topics, courts and/or judges.

The centre search box of the site can be used for key words (e.g. "provocation") or names (e.g. "Primor").

If you wish to search for a term (e.g. "subsidiary protection"), it is best to use inverted commas.

If you are seeking an entry using two or more words or terms, it is best to use a plus (+) sign prior to the term.

For example: +"drugs" +"guns"

You can further restrict your search by choosing from topics and/or judges and/or courts.

b) Search by topic.

Select the topic for which you wish to refine your search.

c) Search by name of judge.

Select the name of the judge for which you wish to refine your search.

d) Search by court and name of judge.

Select the court for which you wish to refine your search.

Advanced Search

Advanced search provides additional search criteria, such as the case name, citations and date ranged searches.

Note: Your Search results will appear below the selection boxes.


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