Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use

A single user subscription entitles a single user to use and search the website https://staredecisishibernia.com (the site).

A single subscription also entitles one single user to receive email updates from the site.

The content of subscription emails remains copyright of Stare Decisis and emails may not be forwarded to other individuals.

Publication of links from individual emails sent to subscribers on other websites (including company intranets) for the purposes of informing non-subscribers of updates to the site, through the use of shared passwords, is in breach of copyright.

(Specific conditions & Terms of Use are agreed for Corporate Subscriptions)

Fair Usage Policy

The site operates a fair usage policy whereby logins for each single subscriber are restricted to 5 different IP addresses for each 1 month period.  This allows for access from phone, office, home, tablet and 1 wifi hotspot per month.  Usage outside this policy is deemed to be in contravention of the fair usage policy and any user in contravention of this condition will be automatically blocked from accessing the system.

In the event of contravention of the fair usage policy, a user can request their account to be reset. A second breach of this condition will result in that user's access being revoked with no refund for the remaining subscription period.